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The best advice, customized products and direct follow-up

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As an international knowledge partner in the field of security and safety, we can offer you various innovative technological solutions. At Kooi, we distinguish ourselves through a unique combination of years of experience, expertise and innovation.

Our strengths lie in more than just our advanced 24/7-surveillance mobile security cameras. It all starts with our team of experienced advisors, who utilise their expertise to work for you day and night. They will be happy to provide you with personal advice on the best and most (cost) effective security solutions.

And after we’ve equipped you with the products you need to guarantee that all-important peace of mind and security? Then our PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Centre will take the weight off your shoulders by providing extensive support and an appropriate alarm response where necessary. In this way, we can offer you the certainty of the best solution to every security issue.

UFO (Unit For Observation)

UFO is a temporary and innovative mobile camera surveillance system. UFO makes surveillance and burglary prevention simpler and more reliable than ever before. So that you can sleep peacefully at night, and focus on your work. Read more about the UFO


Kooi Alarm Center

Kooi is there for you when it matters. Because all our products are connected to our personal, flexible and professional Kooi Alarm Center 24/7. And appropriate action will immediately be taken if necessary. So that your work can carry on undisturbed. Read more about Kooi Alarm Center


RED (Rising Early Detection)

Waste processing is associated with a considerable risk of overheating and fire. Our RED system offers you a very reliable heat detection system that will identify and report potential fire risks. The RED ensures maximum assurance and peace of mind. Read more about the RED


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